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Welcome to the Headless documentation. Let's start with a quick introduction.

Headless is not your regular CMS (Content Management System) like Wordpress or Joomla. Headless is a CMS that focuses purely on content and is considered a CaaS (Content as a Service) provider. This means that Headless doesn't create your actual website, it only manages the content.

With Headless the developer can control what content can be created and what that content looks like. This can be a blog, a collection of comic books, the frontpage of your personal website or anything you want. This is perfect if you have a JAMstack website.

After you setup your blueprints in Headless, connect to the Content API and you're all set. Check out the quick-start for examples!

Developers: read the Quick-start to get up and running

Editors: take a quick Tour of the system you'll be working in